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Tree Removal

Just like our name suggests, we are the premier experts at fast, safe, and affordable tree removal. Don't make a decision without first contacting us.

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Stump Grinding and Removal

Tree Stumps can be difficult to remove but dangerous to leave in place. Using our advanced removal methods and stump grinding equipment, we can remove that eyesore today!

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Trimming and Pruning

Need seasonal trimming and pruning? Perhaps in preparation for the winter months? Give us a call and set up your appointment today!

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Types of Trees in Toronto

White cedar

it is also known as Thuja occidentalis is an evergreen coniferous tree of the cypress family, cupressacecae and it is a native to eastern Canada and upper, central and north eastern United States. This tree is widely cultivated as ornamental plant that has scaly leaves and fan like branches. It is a small tree that grows to a height of about 10-20 meters but the tree is often prostrate or stunted with red brown barks. This tree is a native to Manitoba east and throughout Great lakes region and Ontario.

Northern red Oak

It is also known as champion oak or Quercus rubra which is a very common oak in red oak group and it is native of the eastern North America and in central and central United States. It is also found in the south central and southeast Canada that grows from north end of Great Lakes, west to Oklahoma, Minnesota and Kansas. It is simply known as red oak but it is different from southern red oak as this deciduous tree grows to the height of 28 m with stouter trunk. The stout branches of the tree grow at the right angles to stem and it forms a narrow round topped head. It is tolerant to varied situations and many different soils but it preferably grows on well drained and glacial drift borders of the streams.

Silver maple tree

This tree is also known as Acer Sacchrium which is one of the most popular species of Maple and it is a native to the central and eastern North America in Canada and United states, it is also one of the most common trees we see during our tree service consultations. It is a fast growing deciduous tree that can reach to the height of 15 to 25 meters but exceptionally to 35 meters. It is also referred as water maple as it is found along the waterways and in the wetlands as this is a highly adaptable tree that can grow in extreme conditions but it requires adequate sunlight for its proper growth. The leaves of silver maple tree are plamately veined and simple with deep angular notches between five lobes. The leaves are pale yellow in color but there are some species that produce more brilliant yellow, red and orange colorations.

Eastern black walnut

It is also known as Juglans nigra is a popular species of this flowering tree in walnut family and Juglandacceae is the native to the eastern and western North America. this tree grows mostly in the riparian zones from the southern Ontario, northern Florida, south to Georgia, west to southwest South Dakota and central Texas. This is a large deciduous tree that can attain the height of 30- 40 meters and it develops a clear, tall trunk with grey black as well as deeply furrowed bark. Its leaves are alternate, odd pinnate with largest leaflets being located in center of the tree. The native region of this tree is east central and Midwest United states and it is the best forest tree with high quality wood and leaves.



Full Tree Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Thanks for visiting TreeRemovalToronto.org, we are the premier Tree and Arborist Service in the great Toronto Area.  Please call us today to discuss your exact needs and be provided with a free quote.  Our representative are standing by right now to answer your questions and get your appointment scheduled ASAP.

Some of our more popular services are listed below.  We have over a decade of experience in the Tree Service industry, so we are positive we can handle any issue you may have with your landscaping, trees, branches, stumps, or even tree diseases and tree surgery.  If we haven’t listed your specific issue we can likely still service your needs.  Just call to speak with our representative and go over exactly what you need from us!

Tree Removal

As our name suggests we are experts at all areas of tree removal.  We have the equipment and expertise necessary to handle large and small scale tree removals, including full clean up and removal from the property.  Additionally we can provide stump grinding to remove any unsightly eyesores that may remain after a tree has been felled.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Regular trimming and pruning of trees can greatly reduce the risk of fallen branches, damage to person or property and dangerous effects of storms or severe weather events.  Making sure that your trees are properly trimmed is something that could be done on a yearly or semi-annual basis.  Thankfully we can provide these services on both a recurring or one-time schedule, allowing for peace of mind when it comes to your property.

Stump Grinding

Often offered in conjunction with our tree removal services, we can also provide stump grinding services as an individual service.  Often times properties have long standing tree stumps that were neglected by previous owners.  This can be unsightly and be an obstacle to design or renovations.  Using our top of the line grinding machinery we can grind the stump to below the ground level, allowing it to be covered with soil or sod.  Before you know it you will have a perfect yard or lawn without the presence of that pesky tree stump!

Tree Surgery

Tree diseases can often go undiagnosed, and they can spread to other plant-life in the vicinity.  It can also cause a tree to become dangerously unstable, leading to potential collapse.  For these reasons its important to keep an eye on your older trees, and if signs of tree disease start to show, call in an experienced abrorist and tree surgeon.

Tree surgery essentially means a tactical removal of certain parts of the tree (the diseased parts) in order to salvage the remainder of the tree and stop the spread of the disease.  A full diagnostic analysis is required to be certain that the surgery will be effective.  We can handle all those concerns as our experienced arborists have many years experience serving all the native trees of Toronto.